Review: Roberto Cavalli Uomo

Mr Neo Luxe reviews Whenever I encounter Italian fashion designer Roberto Cavalli’s designs one word that never comes to mind is subtle. Bold and loud are the designer’s trademarks, and you’re either onboard, or you’re not – there’s very little room to be on the fence. While I’m always pleasantly surprised by Cavalli’s fashion for both men and women, the pieces aren’t necessarily something I would buy, mainly because I wouldn’t get enough wear out of each piece. The designer’s latest fragrance Uomo, on the other hand, is a scent that can be worn all year round.

Fragrance Name: Robert Cavalli Uomo Eau de Toilette

Notes: Black Violet, Saffron, Honey, Lavander and Cedarwood

Described as: An exclusive aromatic oriental woody fragrance, which is both charismatic and elegant. Much like Cavalli’s out there fashion, the fragrance opens with the flamboyant note of Black Violet which has a distinctive cool character providing a contrast to the warmth of Saffron. The heart and base notes of honey and lavender add depth to the fragrance, while the inclusion of cedar ties the scent together nicely.

Wear it: Robert Cavalli Uomo is a versatile scent which I enjoy wearing during the day. I’ve worn this scent on weekends when I’ve been out enjoying the sunshine and to work on many occasions. It’s a sensual scent which is unintrusive  and relaxed. Roberta Cavalli Uomo is Ideal for wear most seasons except winter – I prefer something stronger. This scent is designed to be sensual and intimate so be sure to top up throughout the day to make the scent last. 

Price: Robert Cavalli Uomo Eau de Toilette 100ml RRP $110. Available from selected Myer department stores nationally.

The verdict: All-in-all this is a refreshing, casual fragrance which is masculine and youthful. While the scent is described as aromatic, I would say it’s more refreshing. Aromatic to me usually means bold and intense notes whereas I felt this scent played it a little safe. I think because of its composition Robert Cavalli Uomo will be very well received by many younger gentlemen is their late teens and early 20s, but I personally was expecting a fragrance which would push the boundaries a little more like the designer’s fashion.

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