The Workaholics Key to Success this Christmas

Mr Neo Luxe Logitech K780 Multi-Device Keyboard Christmas Gift GuideJet setting, office hopping, hyper-connected workaholics. We all have them in our lives. By no means am I passing judgement on these hard working individuals – hey some days I like to think I’m one of them. Travelling for work usually means I pack my laptop and work from many different locations and devices. Sending that ‘all important’ email from your mobile or tablet in transit is fine, the novelty wears thin pretty quick mainly because of the lack of keyboard on touch devices. So for anyone who works on the go in your life, the perfect gift this Christmas is the Logitech K7080 Multi-Device Keyboard.

As dull as it may sound don’t be quick to judge just yet. This fully-equipped keyboard with number pad allows you to connect up to three devices at the one time and quickly switch between them. This means type away on your desktop PC or laptop, reply to that important text on your phone and then switch to your tablet to update your calendar – it’s multi-tasking made super easy. This sleek designed keyboard features an integrated rubber cradle to hold your mobile phone and tablet reducing clutter in your workspace while keeping all your devices within eye-distance.

The Logitech K7080 Multi-Device Keyboard features a super reliable battery life of up to 24 months reducing the hassle of replacing batteries or continuously recharging. The keyboard connects to devices via Bluetooth, and if your laptop isn’t equipped with this technology, the Logitech K7080 Multi-Device Keyboard also comes armed with the Logitech Unifying USB receiver and is compatible with Windows, Android, Mac OSX, IOS and Chrome operating systems. While this keyboard isn’t the lightest on the market, it fits perfectly into a laptop bag and is a pleasure to work no matter where your working day takes you.

Logitech K7080 Multi-Device Keyboard RRP $149.95. Available online from the Logitech website, along with JB Hi-fi stores and leading electrical retailers.

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