When in Doubt, Melt Their Heart with Luxury

Tanda Modern Christmas Eve CandleChristmas is right around the corner, and if you’re anything like me, chances are you’ve done most of your shopping. While I’d like to sit here and brag, it seems the people remaining on my shopping list are the hardest to buy for. This small group of family and friends I like to label ‘the ones who have it all’. Over the years I’ve learn’t the easiest gift to buy for this group of people is a luxury item like this limited edition Christmas Eve candle by Tanda Modern.

Inspired by the night before Christmas, this fragrance blends warm and spicy notes reminiscent of a white Christmas in Europe. The Christmas Eve fragrance features notes of cedar wood and fresh pine, along with hints of berry. This fragrance reminds me of my time at the Christmas markets in Germany where the smell of warm sweets and Gluwein fills the air.

I would describe the Christmas Eve scent as medium strength and best burned in larger rooms such as living area. Tanda Modern uses 100% pure soy wax in all its candles and natural cedar wood wicks, along with high-quality essential oils. Tanda utilises pure soy in each candle as its free of toxins and the wax burns at lower temperatures which means it will deliver the fragrance at a wider range and provide a much longer burn time when compared to non-soy wax candles. A nice touch with these candles is the inclusion of cedar wicks is a nice touch, especially with the Christmas Eve candle as it crackles as its burning reminiscent of a wood fire.

Tanda Modern Christmas Eve candle priced from $29.95. Medium and large editions are also available from the Tanda Modern website along with selected retail stockists nationally. Click here to locate your nearest store.

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