Refresh the Gent with a Samurai Ritual for Christmas

Mr Neo Luxe Rituals Ritual of a Samurai Refreshing Treat Gift Set Christmas Gift Guide

One of my favourite grooming brands of 2016 would have to be hands down Rituals, in particular the brands Samurai Collection. Inspired by the ancient Japanese Samurai Warriors who paid great attention to their appearance, the collection focuses on products to help the modern warrior of today face the challenges of everyday life.

This Christmas give the gentleman in your life who cares for his appearance the Ritual of a Samurai – Refreshing Treat Gift Set. The range is formulated with organic bamboo known for its nourishing and smoothing benefits on the skin, while Japanese mint helps refresh the body and mind.

The gift set includes:

  • Samurai Shower Foaming Shower Gel 50ml – This product is one of my favourites and features a gel to foam formula. It works up a nice lather and has a refreshing fragrance consisting of organic Bamboo and Cedar Wood.
  • Samurai Cool Hair 70ml – This cooling shampoo is formulated with sea minerals to regulate hairs moisture balance along with Japanese mint to refresh and stimulate. This product also includes a gentle cleanser which rids the scalp of dandruff.
  • Samurai Ice Shower 70ml – This cooling shower gel is formulated with organic Bamboo and Japanese mint and provides a long-lasting cooling effect on the skin. Samurai Ice Shower is great for use in summer or after a tough gym session.
  • Samurai Cooling Deo 50ml – A mild and soothing deodorant, this cool spray provides 24 hour protection against sweat and odour. It contains organic Bamboo and the unique fragrance of Cedar Wood.

The Ritual of Samurai Gift Set is packaged in a reusable luxury blue metallic gift box which is masculine and modern. Rituals The Ritual of a Samurai – Refreshing Treat Gift Set $35.

Available online from the Rituals website along with Rituals boutiques.

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