The Gift of Sleep this Christmas

Christmas Gift Guide Mr Neo Luxe The Goodnight Co Silk Pillowcase and Sleep mask

Give the gift of a restful sleep and nourished skin this Christmas with the Goodnight Co. This 100% Australian owned company has developed a collection of luxury silk bedding items, including my two personal favourites, the silk pillowcase and silk sleep mask.

Apart from being incredibly soft and comfortable, The Goodnight Co harnesses the benefits of 100% Mulberry Silk which is smooth and features a tight weave when compared to regular silk and possess a number of advantages to your hair, skin and general health. Mulberry Silk is proven to:

  • Keep skin hydrated than traditional cotton or synthetic polyester fibres. The tight weave of natural silk helps to keep moisture closer to the skin. Well hydrated skin appears plumper, revealing fewer lines and wrinkles, and appears more radiant.
  • Just like silk holds hydration closer to the skin, it does the same with hair unlike cotton pillowcases which can cause hair to dry out and frizz. Silk’s cling-free properties allowing for hair to glide over the pillowcase – extending the life of your blow-dry by up to two days.
  • Silk can assist in easing sensitive, dry and flaky skin
  • It’s perfect for allergy sufferers as dust, pollen and airborne allergens cannot penetrate silk due to its tight weave

Pair this indulgent pillowcase with the sleep silk mask. Unlike other sleep masks I’ve used in the past, nothing has been quite as soft. The Goodnight Co silk sleep mask also features an adjustable strap making it incredibly comfortable to wear. It also provides a barrier against sleep disruptions and retains moisture around the delicate eye area. I have cannot go to bed without this product, and it’s well worth the investment. Be sure to read my full review of these products.

So who do you buy this gift for? Well really anyone who likes to sleep, lacks sleep or enjoys the little luxuries in life. The Goodnight Co Silk Pillowcases are priced from $79.95 and Silk Sleep Masks $39.95. My featured pillowcase is in navy and eye mask in shimmering nude. Available online from The Goodnight Co website.

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