A Good Night Sleep with Silk

Mr Neo Luxe Review Goodnight Sleep Co Silk Products

Chances are you’ve heard the saying ‘smooth as silk’ which is very true when describing the feel of this luxurious fabric. But apart from the rich feeling it has on the skin, did you know this decadent fabric has many benefits which can assist your skin, hair and even general health? I recently discovered the Australian brand The Goodnight Co which has developed a luxurious collection of silk pillowcases and eye masks designed to help you get a good night sleep, while caring for your skin.

The Goodnight Co pillowcases and eye masks are constructed of 100% Pure Mulberry silk which is finer, smoother and more durable than regular ‘unspecified’ silk. While silk pillowcases and eye masks aren’t necessarily a new creation, the Mulberry Silk used in The Goodnight Co’s products increases the benefits this prized fabric has on the skin. Here are a few of the reasons why I can’t get enough of The Goodnight Co’s  silk pillowcase and sleep Mask.

Anti-Ageing Benefits: Well hydrated skin looks plump reducing the appearance of lines and wrinkles. But what does this have to do with silk you ask? Well, the smooth, tight weave of natural silk fabric helps to keep moisture closer to the skin. The effects are naturally hydrated skin which looks radiant each time you open your eyes and prepare for the day ahead. It’s also perfect for sufferers of dry, flaky skin as it will assist in retaining moisture. I tend to notice fine dehydration lines around the eye area, and I’ve noticed since using my Silk Sleep Mask that these have reduced – this is likely to because the silk is locking in more hydration from my eye cream.

Bad Hair Days: Could just well be a thing of the past with this collection of silk products. I shower before bed, and when I don’t dry my hair properly, I usually wake up with unruly hair which can’t be tamed. Sleeping on silk allows your hair to slide over the pillowcase without sticking which usually results in a bad hair day. For women with longer hair, silk is a better alternative to cotton as it won’t dry out hair which can lead to knots, bunch ups or frizz. Silk pillowcases can also extend the life of the blow-dry by up to two days!

No Nasties in bed: I consider myself a germaphobe and the thought of bugs living in my bed is just not an option. While many bedding items are an attractive home to allergens. Silk on the other hand, is naturally pure and repels live allergens such as bed mites. Silk is also naturally hypoallergenic because of the tight fibre weave – dust, pollen and airborne allergens can’t get in – now that’s reassuring.

Skin Loves Silk: Silk contains a natural protein and essential amino acid which makes it far more body friendly than other types of bedding. Silk can also help ease sensitive, flaky, dry or itchy skin and is an excellent solution for anyone who suffers from eczema, sensitive or irritated skin or other medical conditions.

Mr Neo Luxe Review The Good Night Co

The Goodnight Co Silk Pillowcases are priced from $79.95 and Silk Sleep Masks $39.95. My featured pillowcase is in navy and eye mask in shimmering nude. Available online from The Goodnight Co website.

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