Review: Freezeframe Night

Mr Neo Luxe Review Freezeframe Night Cream

Night creams. You’ve probably seen and heard of them, but do they really offer anything more than your daytime moisturiser? Apart from having a thicker consistency, night creams contain ingredients which support the skin’s regenerating processes like peptides and larger concentrations of vitamins which help skin function optimally. According to research, night creams are effective because your skin goes into rest and repair mode at night in line with your body’s natural biorhythms, and a night cream naturally supports this process and provides skin with a glowing complexion.
Having just turned 30, I’m super concerned about ageing and doing it the best I can. I was recently researching night creams when I discovered Freezeframe Night, an intensive evening moisturiser designed to relax wrinkles while you sleep. It’s described as an ‘overnight Botox alternative’, which erases wrinkles while you sleep. Loving both sleep and turning back the hands of time, I decided to road test this night cream for myself.

Name: Freezeframe Night
What it does: Created as long term Botox alternative, this luxurious night cream is packed with skin vital vitamins and nutrients, along with scientifically proven levels of the most potent wrinkle relaxing peptide available. In clinical studies, Freezeframe Night showed to reduce wrinkle depth by a whopping 63.2% in just 28 days. It can also be used in conjunction with an existing wrinkle relaxing program such as injectable’s to triple the effectiveness of these treatments.

Results: This decadent night cream is a pleasure to use, It smooths nicely on the skin without feeling heavy allowing skin to breathe. During the time I was using this product, I noticed my skin felt well-nourished and appeared radiant each morning. After about a week I began to see an improvement in my skin’s texture and my complexion looked more even. As I continued to use Freezeframe night, fine lines began to soften and are now almost invisible. I do however want to point out that I don’t have deep inset lines, but I have seen a vast improvement in my skin overall. I’m incredibly impressed by the results I’ve achieved with this product in a six week period and believe that it will assist in reducing the appearance of lines and wrinkles in others. Freezeframe Night provides exceptional value for money, and I would have no hesitations in recommending this product to anyone who is concerned with ageing.

How to use: Apply in the evening to cleansed, dry skin. This product can be used in conjunction with Freezeframe INHIBOX to target wrinkles day and night.

Price: Freezeframe Night 30ml $79.

Where to buy: Available online from the Freezeframe website and selected Myer stores nationally.

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