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Mr Neo Luxe Review Sudio Sweden Vasa Bla

It’s been over a month since Apple released its new iPhone 7 and consumers all over the world are still up in arms about the tech companies controversial move to remove the 3.5mm headphone jack. While hundreds of blog posts have surfaced about ‘how to output audio from iPhone 7’ the simplest solution is, of course, to upgrade your existing headphones to wireless Bluetooth headphones.

Don’t worry it’s not all doom and gloom! Since their original release, wireless headphones have come down in price and innovations in technology have paved the way for improvements in sound quality, smaller devices and greater battery life, so you can enjoy more freedom while listening to your favourite music on the go. With prices ranging from AUD $99 up to $499, there’re a plethora of options for any budget.

A few weeks ago I damaged my existing headphones which I’ve had for about three years and started considering my options for an upgrade. I had heard speculation about the new iPhone removing the headphone jack, so I decided to investigate wireless options, and it wasn’t long before I stumbled on a stylish looking pair from Sudio Sweden. Featuring a sleek Swedish design and handmade details, these earphones look and sound exceptional. The pair I decided on was the Vasa Bla in Rose Gold Black. These lightweight headphones feature rose gold accents around the ear buds and on the included unique minimalistic designed clip. Apart from my new earphones amazing looks, here are six more reasons why I can’t get enough of the Sudio Sweden Vasa Bla Wireless earphones:

  • Impressive Sound – These little wonders feature a carefully tuned driver and amplifier which deliver impressive sound for their size and weight. The combination of driver and amplifier can separate the noise of each instrument, in each song giving the listener (you) a true studio sounding experience.
  • Battery Life – Nothing is more irritating than a device that has gone flat, and you’re forced to listen to people’s conversations on public transport. The Vasa Bla earphones feature up to 8 hours of listening battery life and up to ten days of standby battery life. A full charge takes approx. 120 minute or a quick 10-minute charge will deliver enough listening time to get you to your closest charger. Best of all the battery is recharged by a USB connection which can be recharged in your car or PC at work.
  • No More Tangles – I don’t know how it happens but thamounter of times I’ve had to untangle headphones has made we want to just give up! The Vasa Bla range features an entirely developed anti-tangle cable so you’re not wasting time undoing knots so you’re free to indulge in your favourite tunes. The fact that these earphones are wireless also means the connection cable won’t get caught in your bag or pocket and rip the earphones out of your ear.
  • The Perfect Fit – Included are a selection of extra sleeves in different sizes allowing you to choose the perfect fit for optimal listening. A genuine leather carry case is also included to store your earphones so you don’t have to worry about potential contamination.
  • Light as a feather – Did I mention these earphones are light? In fact, Sudio Sweden Vasa Bla is actually the lightest on the market for comfortable wear and listening.
    Multi-tasking at its best – Imagine listening to music on your PC while you’re working and then your phone rings and you can take the call without removing your headphones. Well, it’s possible with the inclusion of Bluetooth 4.1 featured in this product which allows for multi-pairing capabilities.

Mr Neo Luxe Sudio Sweden Review

Sound amazing? Wait until you see the price! Sudio Sweden Vasa Bla Rose Gold Black AUD $149. Not in Australia? Worldwide shipping is available. For a limited time, Sudio Sweden is offering Mr Neo Luxe readers an exclusive 15% off their next purchase by using the discount code ‘MRNEOLUXE’.

To view the entire Sudio Sweden collection or to buy, visit the Sudio Sweden website.

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