Review: Bulgari Black Cologne

Mr Neo Luxe Bulgaria Man Black Cologne ReviewSpring is finally here and as the weather begins to heat up, days can still be chilly and evenings a little fresh. Spring is often an unpredictable season in Australia, and while many make the mistake of using the freshest scents they own, they should really consider a fragrance with a little spice to add warmth. Bulgari has released its latest fragrance for men, Bulgari Man Black Cologne which is a fusion of ‘cold and heat’ which I believe is the perfect scent for the season.

Fragrance name: Bulgari Man Black Cologne

Fragrance notes: citrus, vegetal freshness, Chilly Rum, Neroli, Tuberose flower, benzoin and Sandalwood.

Described as: hyper-modern but follows an olfactory fragrance structure. The scent is a hot and cold edition of Bulgari Man in Black: an Eau de Toilette with a modern spirit which exalts freshness and features more pronounced ingredients, making it authentic and compelling.

Wear it: This fragrance is ideal for wear during spring because it combines refreshing top notes with florals before revealing its woody base. I like wearing this fragrance to work as it pairs well with a suit and tie. It’s also a great scent for an evening out, whether it be dinner, drinks or even a date. The versatile scent can be worn day or night but is well suited to dressier occasions.

Price: Bulgari Man Black Cologne Eau De Toilette 100ml RRP $125. Available now from selected Myer and David Jones stores nationally.

The verdict: There’s nothing better than a refreshing scent which develops on the skin and leaves a lasting impression. Bulgari Man Black Cologne possess an oriental freshness which is masculine, intense and sophisticated. It bursts with vibrant green and fresh notes before it reveals its tuberose accents which are enhanced by a blend of spices and tones of white wood and musk at its base. An intimate fragrance that’s well suited to the fashion-forward gentleman who doesn’t mind a little attention.

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