Review: Zadig & Voltaire: This is Him and This is Her

Mr Neo Luxe Review Zadig & Voltaire This is Him! This is Her!

Founded in Paris in 1997, Zadig & Voltaire is a French fashion house specialising in easy luxury clothing. The brand is chic, young, arty and a little bit edgy, giving it a unique rock-star vibe. Zadig & Voltaire has released two new fragrances in Australia today which have been inspired by the brand’s bold spirit and rock attitude. Each scent is unique, free spirited and timeless, and a perfect fragrance choice for the modern and forever-young couple of today.


Zadig & Voltaire This is Him!

Notes: grapefruit, black pepper, incense, vanilla and sandalwood

Described as: A woody oriental fragrance. It’s powerful, masculine and reinforces confidence, much like the gentleman rocker with a leather hard spirit.

Wear it: Anytime. This fragrance has a care-free attitude about it and is suited to most occasions. I wear it with a pair of skinny jeans and a tee when I’m out and about during the day. It’s also a great fragrance for wear in the evening especially during spring or autumn, when you’re tearing up the town with friends.

Price: Zadig & Voltaire This is Him! 100ml EDT $99

The verdict: A modern fragrance which is stylish and attention seeking. What I love most about this fragrance is its unique composition and its longevity on the skin. This is Him is what I would consider an intimate scent, but it does also leave enough of a trail to get noticed. Its one of those fragrances you can pick up, apply and wear it comfortably no matter what the day throws at you.

 img_2568Zadig & Voltaire This is Her!

Notes: Arabian Jasmine, pink peppercorn, chestnut, vanilla and sandalwood.

Described as: a woody, heady floral fragrance which boasts Parisian elegance, youth and restless beauty.

Wear it: Anytime. This fragrance is perfect for spring day and night. It’s also a casual scent which works well with jeans, t-shirt and leather jacket to add a little rock chic to any look.

Price: Zadig & Voltaire This is Her! 100ml EDP $120

The Verdict: This elegant, feminine scent is irresistible. From the moment I first sampled it I was in love. I actually tried it on and its beautiful on the skin. With so many floral fragrances for women on the market, it’s sometimes difficult to produce a scent which screams originality, but I believe the brand has managed to do this. My prediction is that This is Her! will be a popular fragrance choice for women this season.

The fragrances are housed in bottles which a  feature shattered edge. The his and hers fragrance bottles then come together to demonstrate opposites attract.

Zadig & Voltaire This is Him! and This is Her! are available in Australia from Myer, David Jones and Independent stores and selected pharmacies.

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