Cyprus: The Scent of Love & Passion

MR Neo Luxe Glasshouse Fragrances Limited Edition Cyprus CandleCyprus would have to be one of my favourite summer-time holiday destinations. This tiny island located in the Mediterranean Sea features some of Europe’s best beaches including Nissi and Protaras beach which were recently ranked number 1 and 3 on Trip Advisors Top 10 Beach Destinations in Europe. Apart from the Island’s impressive beaches, Cyprus holds a special place in my heart because it’s where my mum grew up and where most of my family lives. This small, yet immensely beautiful island is the latest destination to receive its own fragrance collection by Glasshouse Fragrances.

Cyprus is synonymous with love and beauty as it’s believed in Greek mythology that the Island is the birthplace of Aphrodite. Taking this into account, Glasshouse Fragrances has created a scent that will have you falling in-love with this candle all summer long. Housed in a hand finished blue ombre jar inspired by the crystalline cobalt Mediterranean coastline, the fragrance delivers a mesmerising blend of woody and floral notes. It features saffron, lavender and sea salt, before unveiling floral notes of orange blossom, violet and cedar. The fragrances base notes offer a hint of spice with the use of Amber, Sandalwood and Moss. For me, this scent brings back memories of summer nights spent on the island,  dinning by the ocean with family and friends; sharing in laughs.

If this unique scent and magnificent jar aren’t enough, the candle comes packaged in a box featuring a bespoke design created by native Cypriot, Melbourne-based artist Barbara Kitallides. Featuring vibrant blue hues with a pastel pink thrown into the mix, the artist explains the broad stokes convey the freedom and energy of the water and the grades of blue we see in the Mediterranean. The pink represents not only love and passion, but the blend of sea salt and saffron of the fragrance.

Glasshouse Fragrances Cyprus Limited Edition 350G Candle RRP $44.95. Available from the Glasshouse Fragrances website, David Jones, Peter Alexander and selected boutiques.The Cyprus fragrance is considered a full bodied scent and is best for burning in a large space such as a living room.

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