From Swim to Skin, KLIM launches new skincare collection

Mr Neo Luxe KLIM by Michael Klim

Olympic gold medallist Michael Klim is back launching new additions to his KLIM skincare collection. Mr Neo Luxe was invited to the launch of the range and sent along Sydney Chic’s Deb Car to meet the swimmer and get all the details on his new collection. Here’s what Deb had to say:

I recently had the pleasure of meeting Michael Klim and chatting with him about his new range of Skincare, Klim by Michael Klim. The range was designed by Michael to help active guys protect and nourish their skin with a no-nonsense skin fitness range.

There are a lot of positive factors in this range, and most importantly the active ingredients in the products such as nori, spirulina, brown algae and seaweed extracts, and we all know the benefits of eating seaweed! I love the fresh fragrance too. The range is suited to all skin-types to help promote anti aging.

Mr Neo Luxe KLIM by Michael Klim

Michael personally researched and tested the products himself and ensured that the packaging is 100 percent recyclable. Big tick of approval also because the products are Aussie owned and made, and not tested on animals.

Klim by Michael Klim includes a deodorant without aluminum!

So what would you expect to pay for a skincare range such as this? Well you might be pleasantly surprised because prices range from $9.95 and are available in Coles, Woolworths, About Life, Thomas Dux and independent pharmacies and health food stores.

Products in the range include:
Face Moisturizer and Sunscreen $19.95
Face Wash + Scrub $14.95
Face Wash $12.95
Deodorant $9.95
Aqua Cool Shave Gel $10.95
Invigorating Body Wash $12.95
Face & Body Scrub $12.95
Sports Moisturizer $29.95

Some notes – these are the products that I have personally tested (despite being a female)…

Face Wash: Made with Spirulina, Nori, Rosemary and Peppermint essential oils, which smell gorgeous. The wash has a creamy texture and the peppermint invigorates the skin leaving it feeling fresh. It’s also Paraben free.

Face Moisturiser with SPF15: A nice thick moisturizer again with a fresh smell and feel. This product consists of Brown Algae, Green Algae, Vitamins A, B & E.

Face Wash + Scrub: A great exfoliate which I also tried on my hands leaving them feeling very smooth. This product contains Nori, Spirulina Extracts and Walnut shell.

Anti-Perspirant Deodorant: Don’t laugh but I often use my partner’s deodorant so I have no problem trying this one. It’s a spray-on atomizer and aluminum free. I’m actually keeping this to use for myself!  It has a slight fragrance.

Body Wash:  Contains marine Marine Extracts, Honey, Whey Protein, Rosemary and Mint. This is luxurious, creamy body wash that lathers up nicely. The Rosemary and Peppermint makes for a very nice fragrance.

So there you have it; a men’s total skin-care routine reviewed by a woman, and I’m giving it a big thumbs up as an affordable and efficient range.

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