Review:Thalgomen Shaving Gel

Mr Neo Luxe Review Thalgo Thalgomen Shave Gel

Do you suffer from redness, stinging or bumps after shaving? Chances are you’re one of the many gents suffering from razor burn. While this uncomfortable and unsightly condition may only last up to a few hours, in some cases it can be longer. The good news is there are a number of ways to rid yourself of this burden, and one is by choosing a shaving gel which protects and soothes the skin.

Product name: Thalgomen Shaving Gel

What it does: Formulated using Algue Bleue Vitale sourced from Klamath Lake Oregon, this potent ingredient is proven to calm skin, while stimulating cell renewal and offering scientifically proven anti-ageing properties. Designed to protect the skin during shaving, Thalgomen Shaving Gel also gently purifies and soothes the skin, which can assist in reducing and diminishing razor burn.

Results: Thalgomen Shaving Gel dispenses clear and works up a creamy foam when its massages into the skin. I found this product to provide adequate lubrication, which allowed my razor to glide smoothly along the skin. To adequately review this product I used it between 5-10 times and I can safely say I didn’t suffer from any redness, nicks or horrid razor burn. I did also notice after washing the cream away my skin felt soft and smooth and there wasn’t a greasy film residue. The gel also has a masculine and refreshing marine fragrance which awakens the senses when applied to the skin.

How to use: Spread a dab of gel over a damp beard. Shave and rinse the skin with clear water

Skin Types: Suitable for all skin types

Price: Thalgomen Shaving Gel 100ml, RRP $37

Where to buy: Thalgomen products are available online from the Thalgo website and selected stockists.

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