Review: Skinstitut – Age Defence SPF 50+

Mr Neo Luxe Review Skinstitut Age Defence SPf 50+Winter may only be a few months away but that doesn’t mean you can sideline the sunscreen until next spring. Yes, it’s true that UV levels are lower in winter; however, it’s also true that 90 percent of visible ageing is due to sun damage and sorry to say it doesn’t all happen in summer. During a recent study conducted on Australian men and women, less than 20 percent wear sunscreen in winter despite Australia having the highest national rate of skin cancer in the world.

I have to admit, I didn’t wear sunscreen daily, mainly because I have an oily skin type and sunscreens tend to make my skin look shiny. I recently trialed Skinstitut’s Age Defence SPF 50+ moisturising sunscreen which was surprisingly light on the skin.

Product name: Skinstitut – Age Defence SPF 50+

What it does: Skinstitut’s Age Defence SPF 50+ moisturiser/sunscreen offers broad spectrum protection and is two hours water resistant. Formulated with Vitamin B3 and antioxidants, it protects the skin from the harmful effects of the sun, aids skin in maintaining optimum hydration, and assists in preventing aged skin, discolouration and loss of elasticity which are all results of sun damage.

Results: I have to admit I was a little hesitant to try this product because it contained SPF 50+. From previous experience, sunscreens which offer such a high protection are thick and oily. I was wrong! This moisturising sunscreen smooths over the skin easily and is absorbed quickly. I noticed by skin appeared hydrated and plump throughout the day when used in conjunction with my moisturiser. This sunscreen also works well as a makeup base. I recently used this product on holiday when I spent many hours in my villa pool and not once did I get sunburnt. I do recommend reapplying especially if you’re at the beach or in a pool.

What I love most about this product is that you can control the finish on your skin. For someone with an oilier skin type (like me), pressing the sunscreen into the skin will provide a matte finish. If you prefer a more luminous appearance, apply this sunscreen like you would your moisturiser.

How to use: Apply in the morning after moisturiser and before makeup. This product is two-hour water resistant so remember if you’re outdoors or swimming to reapply. This product can also be used as a moisturiser for those with oilier skin types.

Skin Types: Skinstitut Age Defence SPF 50+ is recommended for all skin types.

Price: 75ml, RRP $45

Where to buy: Skinstitut products are available from selected professional clinics nationwide. To locate your nearest stockist visit the Skinstitut website or call +61 (02) 9460 7559.


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