Review: Rituals -Samurai Shower

Mr Neo Luxe review Rituals Samurai Shower

Being extremely particular about the products I apply to my skin, I never travel without my shampoo, conditioner and shower gel. One of my biggest frustrations about travelling with shower gel is ensuring it doesn’t explode in my suitcase and finding one which isn’t going to take up my valuable flight weight allowance. I recently discovered Rituals Samurai Shower foam, which is packaged in a can and has a gel to foam consistency. The Samurai Collection is inspired by the ancient Japanese Samurais who took care of their personal appearance with the belief that it built power, control and confidence, which supported their battles and challenges. The modern gentleman’s challenges might be less physical but none the less, the samurai collection will keep men well groomed, much like the shower foam I trialled and reviewed below.

Product name: Rituals – Samurai Shower

What it does: This unique shower foam product features organic bamboo and cedarwood to cleanse the entire body. Bamboo was chosen for its soothing and softening qualities to the skin while cedarwood has been incorporated to create a fresh fragrance for the modern man.

Results: This product is truly unique and I have to admit I’m slightly obsessed with it. Samurai shower reminds me of a shaving gel. It dispenses a gel like liquid which transforms in a rich and creamy foam once it comes into contact with water. It works up a beautiful lather on the skin and the aroma is masculine and clean smelling. A little bit goes a long way with this product which is a pleasant surprise. It washes off easily without leaving the skin feeling oily. After using this product, my skin felt soft and smooth – almost as if I applied a moisturiser.

How to use: Squeeze a small amount of Samurai shower into your hand. Contact with water transforms the gel into a foam, gently massage into the skin and then rinse thoroughly.

Skin Types: This product is suitable for all skin types.

Price: Samurai Shower RRP$15.

Where to buy: Rituals products are available online from the Rituals website along with Rituals boutiques.

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