Looking Your Best Can Save Lives

Gents review by Mr Neo Luxe World's Greatest Shave

Picture this, it’s mid week and you’ve just run out of your favourite shaving cream or body wash. Who has time to visit the shops during the week? I don’t. Well gents if you’re anything like me, you are in luck. Gentsac is Australia’s newest grooming subscription service providing men with premium and hard-to-find brands delivered to their doorstep or office.

The luxury service takes the hassle out of shopping for essentials such as socks, underwear grooming and hygiene products. Gentsac offers eight predesigned, specially curated sacs catering to ‘The Dapper Man’ and ‘The Classic Man’, along with specialised kits such as beard, hair and shave, or if you’re fussy, you can create your own.

One of my favourite things about gentSac is that it only stocks boutique brands which are difficult to locate in Australia, such as Baxter of California, Jack the Snipper, Triumph and Disaster, Mosmann, Marvis, Appelles, Swanky Socks and many more.

I tried the service out for myself and decided to go with the limited edition ‘World’s Greatest Shave’ sac created in conjunction with the Leukaemia Foundation’s fundraiser by the same name. This gentSac includes classic shave products and daily essentials to keep you looking your finest, and best of all, $20 of the purchase goes towards supporting Australian’s with Blood Cancer.

The ‘Worlds Greatest Shave’ sac includes:

  • Muhle Razor – considered the world’s leading razor and brush brand for decades, Muhle products are all hand made in Germany. A few tips on using this product: hold on a 30-degree angle, drag the razor in a down motion – don’t apply pressure – let the handles weight take care of that.
  • Cella Shave Cream – This classic Italian shave soap has stood the test of time since its launch in 1899. This handmade product explodes into a rich lather, allowing your razor to glide along the skin while Almond oil nourishes the treated area.
  • JS Sloane Aftershave Moisturiser – This lightweight lotion is refreshing and developed to hydrate and soften skin after shaving, leaving it smooth throughout the day.
  • Biology Body Wash – This PH balanced body wash cleanses without stripping or dehydrating your skin. Featuring active plant DNA, bio-lipids and powerful Australian plant extracts, I found this product to be hydrating and works up a nice lather.
  • Mossman Trunks – These comfort series boxers are suitable for every occasion. They offer excellent pouch support and are made from durable cotton.
  • Swanky Socks – Designed in New Zealand, Swanky socks produce high-quality, stylish and comfortable socks. They are super light and soft making them perfect for the working day.

World’s Greatest Shave gentSac RRP$129. The sac includes up to $179 of value and $20 from every purchase goes to the Leukaemia Foundation. To order your gentSac visit the website www.gentsac.com.au

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