Review: Clarisonic MIA 2

Clarisonic Christmas Gift Guide Mr neo Luxe Keith Haring Collection

Cleansing morning and night is essential for healthy looking skin. It is important to cleanse your skin every night to remove makeup, impurities, dead skin cells, and excess oil, and in the morning to remove any toxins eliminated by the skin. So how do you know if you’re effectively removing these nasties – you don’t! Over the years, I’ve had friends invest in a Clarisonic and swear by it. According to the product’s creators, the Clarisonic is proven to cleanse the skin 6x better than hands alone. With all the hype surrounding this product, I wanted to test it for myself.

Product Name: Clarisonic MIA 2

What it does: Harnessing a sonic frequency to drive oscillation of the brush head, the Clarisonic MIA 2 performs between 200 to 350 movements per second, working with the skins natural elasticity to transform its texture and appearance. Clarisonic products treat a variety of skin concerns and provide a number of benefits including:

  • Offers six times better cleansing than hands alone. The Clarisonic range is proven to provide a deep clean removing dirt, debris and oils that clog pores and cause imperfections and dull looking skin.
  • Reduces skins oily appearance by deep cleaning pores, breaking down sebum accumulation
  • Minimises the appearance of pores by gently flexing them to provide a deep clean, removing dirt and oil
  • Improves the appearance of mature skin
  • Allows for better absorption of skincare

Results: I began using this product three weeks ago, and I couldn’t be happier with the results I’ve seen to date. My skin started to look smoother in just two days (two treatments per day, morning and night). With each day of use, my skin texture is improving, and I’ve noticed fewer blackheads. The pores on my nose have always been slightly larger, and these have decreased significantly over the last few weeks. Having an oilier skin type, I’m no stranger to an oily afternoon T-zone. I feel since using this product the amount of shine has also reduced. I was impressed with the results I achieve on my forehead, wrinkles (or creases as I call them) appeared smoother and less pronounced. Overall I’m incredibly satisfied with the results I achieved and will continue using this product as part of my daily skincare routine.

How to use: Apply a pea-sized amount of your favourite cleanser to the brush and press the power button. Move the Clarisonic in circular motions around the face until the cleansing cycle is complete (60 seconds).

Skin types: The Clarisonic MIA 2 is gentle enough for use on all skin types

Price: Clarisonic MIA 2 $190

Where to Buy: The Mia 2 is available from the Clarisonic website, Myer and David Jones department stores. For a limited time, the MIA 2 is available in a special edition Keith Haring design titled Dance (pictured).

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