Review: Handsome #1 For Men

Review Handsome #1 For Men Fragrance Mr Neo Luxe

Summer has arrived, and when it comes to choosing scents for this season, I tend to gravitate towards notes that remind me of the beach, tropical getaways and the sun. The following fragrance reminds me of the sea with its use of aquatic notes, followed by a refreshing hit of bergamot and the warmth of the summer sun replicated by its use of patchouli.

Product name: Handsome #1 For Men

Fragrance Notes: Aquatic notes, bergamot, neroli, tangerine and patchouli

Described as: A refreshing fragrance with woody and aromatic accords.
Season: This fragrance lends itself well to most seasons including summer, spring and autumn. The use of aquatic notes and bergamot make it refreshing while patchouli adds a masculine spiciness.

Wear it: A versatile fragrance that is suited to most occasions. I wear this fragrance day-to-day whether I’m popping out to the shops, coffee with friends or heading to the tennis (like today).

Price: Handsome #1 For Men 50ml, RRP$75. #1 For Men is available from the Handsome Men’s Skincare website. #1 For Men

The Verdict: The perfect casual fragrance that’s portable and suitable for all occasions. Keep it in your briefcase, car or tote bag for regular applications to keep you smelling your best.

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