Review: Handsome Men’s Skincare – Facial Moisturiser

Handsome Men's Skincare Facial Moisturiser review by Mr Neo Luxe

Being an avid lover of skincare, nothing excites me more than a new brand – especially when it’s created for men. I recently discovered Handsome Men’s Skincare, an Australian brand that formulates its range using natural and organic products, along with quality ingredients and essential oils. The first product I tried was the Facial Moisturiser, which boasts an impressive list of ingredients that hydrate the skin and combat ageing.

Product Name: Handsome Men’s Skincare – Facial Moisturiser Organic Avocado / Hempseed / Sandalwood

What Is Does: This gel cream moisturiser is designed to nourish skin and is formulated with anti-ageing ingredients to keep skin hydrated and looking impeccable. Ingredients include:

  • Organic avocado, hemp seed and sandalwood that assist in hydrating the skin
  • Riboxyl™ (Ribose): a natural sugar found in living cells. Ribose is highly effective in oxygenating skin, reducing wrinkles and enhancing the complexion
  • Hyaluronic Acid assists in retaining water, locking in hydration
  • Vitamin E improves the skin’s texture and has numerous healing properties

Results: I found this moisturiser absorbed quickly on application. It has a natural smelling woody aroma that I really enjoyed. During the time I was using this product, my skin felt smooth and well hydrated. I also noticed an improvement in firmness; my skin felt plump indicating great water retention, and an even skin tone. A great product that will truly leave you looking handsome.

How to Use: Massage gently into face and neck. Apply morning and night or as desired.

Skin Types: Recommended for all skin types

Price: 100ml, $55

Where to Buy: Facial Moisturiser Organic Avocado / Hempseed / Sandalwood is available from the Handsome Men’s Skincare website.

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