Review: Aramis Black by Aramis

Aramis Black by Aramis Mr Neo Luxe Review

Over the years I’ve started enjoying classic masculine scents more and more. Call it a refined nose if you will, but there’s something about traditional notes such as leather and vetiver that seem to make sense as I mature (not get older).  Aramis recently released its newest fragrance for 2015, and I must admit I didn’t know what to expect. In my teens, the original fragrance wouldn’t have been my first choice, but over the years has grown on me. The newest fragrance Aramis Black has the hallmarks of the original with its classic masculine base notes; however, features a modern twist for today’s modern man.

Product Name: Aramis Black by Aramis

Fragrance Notes: grapefruit, Elemi, Lentiscus, Juniper wood, cognac, leather, incense, vetiver and Tonka bean

Described as: Polished, mysterious and refined. Aramis Black combines bold freshness with its top notes of grapefruit and leafy notes of Lentiscus, followed by intense masculinity with leather and Tonka bean at its base.

Season: This fragrance can be worn during any season. In spring and summer I would wear this fragrance in the evening due its rich base notes.

Wear it: In the corporate world, to a sophisticated dinner or when you want to impress.

Price: 110ml, $105. Aramis Black is available at Myer and David Jones department stores along with selected pharmacies.

The Verdict: A modern scent for today’s refined gentleman. Aramis Black is a modern adaptation of the classic Aramis fragrance, which stays true to the brands identity of combining woody and spicy notes to create a distinguished scent. A great fragrance for the sophisticated moments in life.

Do you traditional masculine scents? Share your favourites with me below.

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