Review: Trilogy Everything Balm


Do you have a series of beauty products that travel with you everywhere you go? I know I can’t be caught without lip balm, hand cream and moisturiser. Carrying around three products day-to-day for me isn’t a concern; however, when travelling or packing for a weekend away, each product counts. I was recently introduced to Trilogy’s Everything Balm, which is described as skincare’s answer to the Swiss Army Knife due to its multitasking abilities. This one product instantly replaced three for me and now lives in my bag wherever I go.

Product Name: Trilogy – Everything Balm

What it does: A better question might be what doesn’t it do. Everything Balm combines botanicals renowned for their antiseptic properties. It features Pawpaw, Echinacea and coconut oil, and can be used as a lip balm, heel balm, hand cream, melting massage oil, nappy cream, all over face and body moisturiser, and assists in healing chapped or grazed skin, itchy bites and minor hurts of all sorts.

Results: With an extensive list of uses, I have to admit I didn’t test this products efficiency for each scenario such as nappy cream (I’m a grown adult). I did however, test it as a lip balm, hand cream, on itchy bites and scrapes. I found Everything Balm to adequately nourish my lips and left them soft and smooth. As a hand cream, it left my skin moisturised and soft. My only tip would be less is more as this product can be a little greasy but it does absorb fairly quick. For treating mozzie bites, this product is pretty effective in remove the itchy sensation. It also works effectively in supporting the healing process that is great for treating scratches and grazes.

How to use: Warm in hands or fingertips. Melts on contact with skin and absorbs rapidly. Use anywhere, anytime.

Skin types: This product can be used on all skin types.

Price: 95ml, $29.95.

Where to buy: Trilogy products are available from selected Priceline, Myer, pharmacy and health stores. For further stockist information visit

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