Review: LAB SERIES Skincare for Men Maximum Comfort Shave Gel

LAB SERIES Maximumcomfort shave gel review mr neo luxe

Shaving can be such a drag (pardon the pun) if you’re not using the right products. Over the years I’ve tried many shaving products and my preference when it comes to shaving creams are gel-to-foam formulas, mainly because of there superior adhesion. This next product i’m going to review gave me the lubrication I expected and a little bit extra.

Product Name: LAB SERIES Skincare for Men Maximum Comfort Shave Gel

What it does: This product features a cooling gel-to-foam formula that calms and comforts the skin before grooming. The gel turns into rich dense foam and it’s ingredients prime and moisturise the skin to allow for a comfortable shave. The gel features superior lubrication to allow for a smooth shave with reduced friction. Maximum comfort gel also features ingredients which remain on the skin once the gel is washed off to combat dryness.

Results: This product is such a joy to use. The lightweight gel coverts to a thick luxurious foam when applied to the skin. The lubricating ingredients such as Sun Flower Seed oil aid the razor in gliding along the skin reducing irritation and allowing for a closer shave. A great product which leaves the skin feeling soft, smooth and moisturised.

How to use: Cleanse your skin and pat dry – skin should be partially dry. Apply the gel to face and neck and spread until the product becomes a rich dense lather. Shave as usual and rinse off once done.

Skin types: For all skin types. This product is oil and fragrance free.

Price: 200ml, $32.

Where to buy: LAB SERIES Skincare for Men Maximum Comfort Shave Gel is available from selected Myer and David Jones department stores.

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