Review: Remington i-Light Pro + Face & Body – Getting Started

Remingotn i-Light Pro +Face & Body review Mr Neo Luxe

I’ve been considering permanent hair removal for some time now. I’m not overly hairy for a male, however; there are a few areas of my body that I would love to be smooth and hair free. Many of my friends have undergone IPL treatments and swore by them, but it sounds like such a commitment and expense.

I was recently approached to trial the Remington i-Light Pro + Face & Body, and naturally I pounced on the opportunity. The thought of performing my own hair removal in the comfort of my own home, while eliminating costly and time-consuming salon trips was a dream come true.

The new Remington I-Light Pro + Face & Body utilises the same technology used by dermatologists in professional hair removal clinics. This device offers a permanent and comfortable solution for removing unwanted hair and is suitable for use on legs, underarms and even sensitive facial areas. The latest model also features a state of the art Infinity bulb which means it provides long last performance without the need to replace it. In clinical trials on the body, treatment sites showed up to 94.3% fewer hairs twelve months after just four weeks of treatment (3 treatments each two weeks apart).

How it works:
High energy output effectively disables the hair follicle with ProPulse™ wavelengths that deeply penetrate the skin to reach right down to the hair root. The light energy is delivered in long pulse durations that are faster than a blink of an eye – that are gentle to the skin. These three factors combined are the perfect recipe for safe and effective permanent hair removal.

Getting Started:

The i-Light Pro + Face & Body features an integrated skin sensor that only allows usage on suitable skin tones. Refer to the chart below for suitable tones.

Remingotn ilight pro + face and body skin type reference chart mr neo luxe

Before using this product, it’s recommended you test an area first to ensure it’s suitable for your skin, and you don’t have an adverse reaction. In the first instalment of my hair-free journey, I’m going to show you how to get started using the device and test an area of your skin.

Shave or trim a small area of hair to perform a test patch to ensure this product is suitable for your skin
Turn the device on. You will hear a beeping sound, this is the skin tone sensor. Raise the unit to the desired are and place the sensor on the skin in the desired area. If your skin tone is a match the device will unlock
Pick up the i-Light handle and gentle place on the skin and then press the flash button. I would suggest doing a large enough area to see if you do have a reaction (3-4 flashes should suffice). Leave for 24 hours before using the product.
The video below is a short demonstration of me going through the above steps.

More about the device:

  • The Remington i-Light Pro + Face & Body features an ergonomically designed handle for use with one hand.
  • The device is safe for use of legs, underarms, bikini line, chest, back and arms, while a specially designed facial cap (included) enables treatment of delicate female facial areas below the cheekbone.

The Remington i-Light Pro + Face & Body (IPL6500AU) is available now RRP$799.95. For more information visit the Remington website.

Look out for my next installment on how to treat an entire area using the device.

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