Review: Philosophy Miracle Worker Oil-free Miraculous Anti-ageing Lotion

Philosophy Miracle Worker Oil-free Miraculous Anti-ageing Lotion review mr neo luxe

Having oily skin is tough take it from me. What’s even harder is finding suitable products for specific needs such as anti-ageing, that actually produce results. If you’ve used as many products as I have, you’re likely to know that anti ageing products tend to have a rich texture which send oily skin types running. I’ve been using Philosophy’s Miracle Worker Oil-free Miraculous Ant-ageing lotion for a few weeks now and love the way it feels on my skin. Finally a lightweight moisturiser that’s nourishing without a rich formulation, that leaves the skin revitalised and hydrated.

Product Name: Philosophy Miracle Worker Oil-free Miraculous Anti-ageing Lotion

What Is Does: This oil-free anti-ageing lotion is designed to hydrate and protect the skin while minimising the signs of ageing. Loaded with Vitamin c and glutathione, these ingredients help support collagen and protect the skin from environmental attack, the primary cause of premature ageing.

Results: This moisturiser is surprisingly thick for an oil-free product and glides easily on the skin and is quickly absorbed. My skin felt hydrated throughout the day and I noticed a decrease in shine. This product is great for evening out the skin tone and brightening the complexion – especially after a late night. Occasionally I like to use a BB cream and found this product also served well as a makeup base due to its silky texture.

How to Use: Apply after cleansing. This product can be used day and night.

Skin Types: This moisturiser is suitable for all skin types. Oily skin types will love this product.

Price: 50ml, $65

Where to Buy: Philosophy skincare is available from leading David Jones and Sephora stores around Australia. For more information about Philosophy Skincare visit the website.

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