What She Wants This Spring – The Hottest Fragrances of the Season

It’s no secret that fruity-floral fragrances are the flavours of the season when it comes to women’s fragrances. Whether you’re a female looking for that sexy scent for spring or the loving partner searching for the perfect gift, Mr Neo Luxe has recruited the assistance of the Luxette’s (Renee 24, Natasha 22 and Priscilla 21), to review some of springs hottest new scents.

Calvin Klein Eternity Now review mr neo luxe

Calvin Klein – Eternity Now

Mr Neo Luxe: Sexy and sweet. I love this fragrance it reminds me of a tropical getaway. It features notes of lychee, peony, peach blossom, cashmere and musk. It smells good enough to eat!
Renee: A great fruity fragrance for everyday use. It’s one to keep in the handbag while you’re out shopping or a casual catch-up with friends.
Natasha: I like it. Smells like lollies and is sweet and pleasant. It would be my go-to fragrance that I keep on hand.
Priscilla: Fruity and refreshing. It’s a fragrance I would take with me for everyday use.

Clavin Klein Eternity Now 100ml EDP $89. Available from David Jones stores nationally.

Chloe Signature review mr Neo Luxe

Chloe –  Signature

Mr Neo Luxe: Refreshing and feminine, Chloe Signature is ideal for the confident woman. The fragrance features notes of peony, magnolia, rose and amber. A versatile fragrance that can be worn both day and night.
Renee: A great fragrance for spring and summer. It’s floral and youthful.
Natasha: Feminine and girly. A great floral scent for both day and night
Priscilla: Very cute and girly. This fragrance is ideal for a woman in her late teens early 20s.

Chloe Signature 75ml EDP $170. Available from David Jones stores nationally.

DKNY MYNY review Mr Neo Luxe


Mr Neo Luxe: A fruity floral that isn’t overpoweringly sweet but just right. It’s feminine, long wearing and captivating. DKNY My NY features notes of raspberry, pink pepper, Egyptian jasmine, vanilla absolute and ambergris.
Renee: This fragrance reminds me of lollies and lemonade – yum! A great fragrance for spring and summer that won’t go unnoticed.
Natasha: Unusual but in a good way. A good balance between sweet and refreshing. MYNY is striking and attention grabbing. I love this perfume!
Priscilla: Bold yet light at the same time. It’s understated yet still a standout.

DKNY MYNY 100ml EDP $110. Available from Myer and David Jones stores nationally.

Michael Kors 24K brilliant Gold review by mr neo luxe

Michael Kors –  24K Brilliant Gold

Mr Neo Luxe: A feminine floral that is seductive and fun. This fragrance features notes of orange, mandarin, followed by florals and woodiness at its heart.
Renee: A powerful floral fragrance for day or night. I know the other girls will disagree, but I would wear it in both instances.
Natasha: A summery evening scent. This fragrance is beautiful, but I don’t think it would work during the day especially out and about in the heat.
Priscilla: Probably on the stronger side for my taste; however, it settles quite beautifully on the skin. Less is more with this perfume and should be worn at night.

Michael Kors 24K Brilliant Gold 100ml EDP $140. Available from Myer and David Jones stores nationally.

Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream Forever review mr neo luxe

Marc Jacobs –  Daisy Dream Forever

Mr Neo Luxe: The latest edition to the Daisy collection is elegant, youthful and charming. It features notes of blackberry, grapefruit, pear followed by wisteria, jasmine and strong blond woods at its base.
Renee: The fruity notes shine through with this perfume. It’s playful, soft and sweet. I would wear it to work and on weekends. A great casual scent.
Natasha: I can imagine wearing this perfume with a beautiful summer dress. It’s youthful and ideal for spring/summer.
Priscilla: Love this bottle! A fruity fragrance for everyday use that should be worn during the day.

Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream Forever 50, $120. Available from David Jones stores nationally

B Balenciage review mr neo luxe

Balenciaga – B Balenciaga

Mr Neo Luxe: B is for bold! Unlike other fragrances that have taken the fruity floral path, B Balenciaga shines with it’s green notes and woody base. The fragrance opens with lily of the valley, violet leaves, edamame peas, followed by orris, cedar and cashmere wood at it’s base. This fragrance is for the woman who isn’t afraid to break the mold.
Renee: The fragrance opens with refreshing scents and then develops to a beautiful woody fragrance. I think it’s classy and perfect for daytime wear – I really like it.
Natasha: This fragrance is definitely refreshing, but I would have like it to be a little sweeter.
Priscilla: This fragrance reminds me of spring! The green notes  make it smell quite clean which I’m enjoying.

B Balenciaga 75ml EDP, $180. Available from Myer department stores nationally.

Have you tried any of these fragrance? Share your thoughts with me below.

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