Review: Philosophy Miracle Worker Overnight

Review: Philosophy Miracle Overnight Worker skincare review by Mr Neo Luxe

When it comes to wrinkles, miracles generally don’t happen overnight. That being said, the next product I’m going to mention during this review will provide you with visible results overnight, and as you continue to use this little miracle worker, you’ll continue to notice smoother and radiant skin with a reduction in wrinkles and lines.

Product name: Philosophy Miracle Worker Overnight

What it does: The product is designed to reset the ageing process. It’s formulated with powerful peptides and ‘next generation’ vitamin c. This new formulation of the wrinkle-fighting vitamin means it’s absorbed easier into the skin with better results. Clinical studies have also proven this product improves wrinkles, discoloration, uneven skin tone and rough texture.

Results: With the first application I noticed a smoother more radiant skin, it virtually glowed in the morning. I have an extensive skincare regime, so I can’t say I noticed a reduction in lines overnight. Admittedly I did stop using the product for a few days and it wasn’t until I did this that I noticed the lines on my forehead looked more pronounced, proving this product did in fact reduce these lines quite significantly.

How to use: Miracle Worker Overnight is a night cream and should be applied to the skin in the evening after cleansing and applying your serum.

Skin Types: Recommended for all skin types.

Price: $80, 60ml

The verdict: This is a great product at an affordable price. I can confirm a visible improvement in wrinkles, an improvement in skin tone and noticeably better skin texture. I saw a reduction in wrinkles in less than a week. To increase results, I would recommend exfoliating and using a serum that either contains vitamin A or AHA’s to assist in smoothing the skin and reducing lines. I would definitely recommend this product to my friends.

Where to buy: Philosophy skincare is available from leading David Jones and Sephora stores around Australia. For more information about Philosophy Skincare visit the website.

Have you tried Philosophy Miracle Worker Overnight? Share your results with me.

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