Review: Aromatherapy Associates – Refinery post-shave Balm

Aromatherapy Associates Refinery post shave balm review by Mr Neo Luxe

Leave your skin soothed and moisturised after shaving with Aromatherapy Associates Refinery Post-shave balm.

Product name: Aromatherapy Associates: Refinery Post-Shave Balm

What it does: This lightweight balm is designed to replace the traditional aftershave. Formulated with disabolol (an extract from chamomile) and aloe vera, the balm soothes razor burn and leaves the skin feeling refreshed. The balm also features sodium hyaluronate and brewers yeast to provide the skin with long term protection.

Results: I’ve been using this product for a few weeks now and am I’m incredibly happy with the results. My skin feels hydrated and soothed. It also reduces redness and leaves the skin feeling soft and smooth. An added bonus is that it also reduces shine, resulting in matt looking skin.

How to use: Smooth a layer over shaved skin – it’s that simple!

Skin types: Recommended for all skin types.

Price: 100ml, $66

The verdict: Great product that does exactly what the packaging says. Unlike other balms I’ve used, I found this product to be easily absorbed by the skin with no greasy residue.

Where to buy: Refinery Post-shave balm is available from the Aromatherapy Associates website or locate your nearest stockist

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