Put an end to puffy eyes and dark circles

Tired, puffy eyes with dark circles are one of the first things people notice when looking at you. If the eyes are the windows to your soul, what does this say about you? Puffy eyes and dark circles are caused by things such as fatigue, lack of sleep, dehydration, aging or can be health related.

Luckily there are a few quick tricks to reducing puffiness and dark circles – here are some of my suggestions:

cucumbers contain antioxidants which help reduce irritation and the cold reduces puffiness.

Slice up some cold cucumbers and pop a piece on each eye. This remedy has been around for a while and is effective as cucumbers contain antioxidants that help reduce irritation, and the cold reduces puffiness.

Eye Creams Containing Caffeine
Using an eye cream containing caffeine can reduce puffy eyes and dark circles within minutes. This natural active ingredient constricts blood vessels that cause dark circles. Also, tapping gently around the eye area after applying the eye cream assists in stimulating the skins cells, so you experience results sooner. Fact: Caffeine has been used in the beauty industry as a remedy for over five decades

Place a tea bag one each eye for 5 minutes and your eyes will look and feel refreshed

Tea Bags
Caffeinated tea which contains natural tannins, is a mild diuretic and has been long used by runway models for reducing eye puffiness. Simply soak two tea bags in warm water and then chill for a few minutes in the fridge. Place a tea bag one each eye for 5 minutes and your eyes will look and feel refreshed.

Eye Masks
Crammed with active ingredients, most eye masks require a quick 5-minute application and results are immediate. One of my fafavorites is Clarins’ Skin Smoothing Eye Mask loaded with a refreshing blend of Wild Rose, Apricot and Rose Water, which assist in smoothing and toning the eye contours for a well-rested look.

Have you tried any of these tips? Let us know your results in the comment box below.

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