Review: Aromatherapy Associates – Refinery Face Mask for Men

Refinery Face Mask Review by Aromatherapy Associates

Long days, late nights and a lack of sleep can take its toll on your skin. Using a face mask is a great way to pep up fatigued skin as they’re formulated with concentrated amounts of active ingredients, meaning you see results faster. Regular use of a facemask will assist in supporting your moisturiser to ensure long-term results.

As a firm believer in facemasks I couldn’t wait to get my hands on this product – I wasn’t disappointed!

Product name: Aromatherapy Associates – Refinery Face Mask

What it does: Power packed with a cocktail of essential oils such as peppermint, sweet almond, jojoba, black pepper and ginger, this mask instantly detoxifies and boosts tired skin. Formulated with clay, the mask also offers a deep cleanse and draws out impurities.

Results: My skin looked refreshed and felt moisturised. I noticed a visible improvement in my skin tone, natural glow and a refreshed complexion – no signs of fatigue here!

How to use: After cleansing, dispense a generous amount into your palm and smooth over skin avoiding the eye and lip area. Leave the mask on for 5 minutes – during this time your skin may feel warm and tingly – this is normal. Rinse the mask off and pat dry. This mask should be used no more than once per week.

Skin types: This product is suitable for all skin types; however if your skin is on the dryer side I would recommend reducing the usage time.

Price: RRP $60 (75ml)

The verdict: 10/10 – this mask is fantastic. Unlike other clay masks I’ve used, I felt this product didn’t dry out my skin; it was easy to remove and delivered my expected results in just 5 minutes. I’ll be adding this product to my weekly skincare routine and use it as a pick-me-up when I need to look my best.

Where to buy: To buy Aromatherapy Associates skincare visit their website or locate your nearest stockist.

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