Cleansing: What men need to know

Cleansing: why it's important for men to use a cleanser twice per day
Cleansing twice a day keeps the oil at bay
If you are a guy who thinks cleansing is a waste of time and money, think again! While cleansing is a daily ritual for most women, men also have a lot to gain from cleansing their skin twice a day.

What men need to know:

Cleansing in the morning prevents excess oil production (sebum)
A face that looks like an oil slick isn’t an attractive look for anyone. Cleansing in the morning is essential for removing dead skin cells from the overnight renewal process. If this debris isn’t adequately removed it causes a buildup of sebum (oil).  Water alone only removes 65% of oil and debris from the skin, which is why cleansing in the morning is essential.

Cleansing at night prevents dehydration
Our skins temperature rises overnight which leads to trans-epidermal water loss, or as we know it, evaporation. By removing dead skin cells, oil buildup and pollutants, you allow your moisturiser to seep deeper into the skin, and maximise its hydrating and moisturising benefits.

Prevent irritation before shaving
It’s essential to cleanse before shaving as it reduces skin irritation. Cleansing assists in hydrating the skin and allowing for a smoother shave. Other benefits of cleansing before shaving include reducing bacteria on the skin which can cause breakouts, and softening facial hair reducing the chance of razor burn.

Put the soap down! Dry skin makes you look old.
Washing your face with products which aren’t PH balanced  such as soaps and shower gels cause your skin to dry out. Dry wrinkly skin appears older than skin which is well hydrated and moisturised.

Cleansing tips: massage skin gently in large circular motions. Always pat your face dry -never rub.

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